Outgoing Shipments

Outgoing Shipments

Order fulfillment is a huge undertaking. There is so much to keep track of and get done. Receiving incoming products, stocking and tracking inventory are huge tasks. Not to mention order picking, packaging and shipping out those orders. Even after orders go out the door, there are still returns and credits and customer payments to deal with each day.

To be successful, you also need to position yourself in a way that makes your business unique and garners a greater chunk of the market than your competitors.

E-commerce is here to stay and becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Business owners need to realize how critical it is to act quickly and establish their company as a force to be reckoned with in their industry.

Parcerly can help you establish that presence and stay ahead of customer demands and expectations.

Typically, if you sell product, then you need somewhere to store that product. This translates into additional staff for that facility not to mention the overhead associated with such a facility. There could be a huge expense involved especially if you deal with product that requires special storage conditions like temperature controlled environments in addition to compliance with OSHA and other such regulatory agencies.

Now, you can choose as a company to handle all these tasks on your own or you can call Parcerly. Let us be your Calvary. We have the facilities, equipment and staff already in place. In addition, we also have the experience necessary to handle these types of operations.


Incoming loads are visually inspected by our staff as soon as they arrive. We affix our labels to each product and scan every product into our inventory management system. You will receive notifications that shipments have arrived. If our staff finds that any items are missing or have been damaged during transit, you will be notified immediately.


Because of our scanning and label system we can quickly enter and remove things as deliveries come in and orders are fulfilled. At any given time, we can check inventory levels and expiration dates on products. Our system allows us to set limits on stock levels so that we will receive updates as soon as an item reaches a particular level. If that happens, the customer can then be notified that it is time to reorder eliminating out of stock scenarios.


EDI is the perfect communication tool for our industry. It allows both us and customers to make changes to schedules and view inventory related data. It is also the best means of communication between our staff and customers and between our staff and carriers.


Drop shipping is simple yet effective solution to storage space issues particularly when vendors run huge sales. A customer may want to buy in bulk to take advantage of these price breaks and drop shipping eliminates the concern that there may not be enough space available to handle the additional volume.

With drop shipping, the carrier drops the load and we can unload it as needed or when space becomes available. It also increases our efficiency in our facilities because schedules can be maximized to take advantage of decreased workloads and use them for unloading the drop shipments.


A great part of our barcode label system is that immediately upon delivery, our system will notify receiving staff where product should be stored within the facility and if there are any special handling instructions (ex. hazardous material) or if product needs special storage conditions (ex. humidity control).

In addition, it immediately enters or removes products when they are scanned as incoming or outgoing items. It makes inventory tracking almost effortless.


Just like we accommodate customer requests for receiving KPIs, we can also make arrange to accommodate their order fulfillment and outgoing shipment KPIs. Simply let us know what you need us to track and we will take care of it for you and present you with the data and results as needed.

Customer support

You may have heard us mention our awesome customer service representatives. These individuals are highly trained and we select them for their inherent desire to please and make customers happy. They are there to support you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is their top priority. We practice customer service at every level and in every department in our company. It’s a serious business. We treat every customer with the same degree of attention regardless of whether they spend a dollar or tens of thousands of dollars. Each customer is important and respected within our company. You will find our customer service reps easy to deal with and attentive to your needs.
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