Order Fulfillment Services

Order Fulfillment Services

Parcerly makes it a point to do everything within our power to protect our customers’ inventory particularly when it comes time to pack it up and ship it out for order fulfillment. Our customers place a great amount of trust in us to protect their assets, serve their clients, and do our part to ensure profitability. When discussing outgoing orders, we utilize a number of methods to protect against damages during loading and transit. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Air Bags

Sometimes a load may not be tightly packed once everything has been placed on the truck. Air bags help address the open spaces within a load that may make it easier for a load to shift during transport. Obviously, we want to avoid that because it will most likely cause damage to the product onboard. By using air bags, we can fill in those gaps and make the load tighter and less prone to shifting thereby preventing damage to inventory. The air bags can also act as buffers during rough transit to cushion those products that are more fragile.

Registered Film and Shrink Wrapping

When dealing with smaller packages that are being loaded onto pallets for transit, shrink wrapping and film can greatly reduce the chances that the stack will shift or packages will fall and cause damage. Shrink wrapping can also be a big help with odd-shaped items that can’t be boxed up. It keeps every component together so the item is guaranteed to be delivered with all its pieces intact.

Barcode Labelling

The label system that we use includes barcodes so that product can easily be scanned in and out of inventory. The code also makes it easy for anyone working in the facility to find out everything they need to know about a particular product. Scanning the barcode will give them the name of the product, associated part or SKU numbers, manufacturer information, stock levels, storage location, and handling instructions for starters. The system makes is so easy to manage inventory and it will also alert us to low stock levels and pending product expiration dates.

Heat Tunnel Processing

Heat tunneling works much like shrink wrapping in that it secures smaller components or packages into a larger mass. It helps to prevent shifting during transit just like wrap and film. The heat tunneling gives an added edge in that it works really well when you are dealing with awkward items that cannot be packaged by any other means. The wrap is heated and as it heats, it conforms to the shape of the item you wrapped. It is very durable and secure and is a unique way of preparing items for transport.

Customer support

You may have heard us mention our awesome customer service representatives. These individuals are highly trained and we select them for their inherent desire to please and make customers happy. They are there to support you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is their top priority. We practice customer service at every level and in every department in our company. It’s a serious business. We treat every customer with the same degree of attention regardless of whether they spend a dollar or tens of thousands of dollars. Each customer is important and respected within our company. You will find our customer service reps easy to deal with and attentive to your needs.
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