Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon

Making the decision to participate in FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon, could be one of the most important ones you will make as a business owner. Parcerly can help you to bring that decision to life. We can make participating with FBA pain-free and simple. Basically, we handle your order fulfillment for Amazon orders rather than having Amazon staff doing it for you.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of dealing with FBA alone vs. having Parcerly as a partner.

Amazon gives retailers unprecedented access to customers all over the world. You could never duplicate that market share on your own. For that reason alone, Amazon is a great choice. They will store your product and fill your orders from their facilities. Additionally, they will accept payments on your behalf and process your customer returns.

Amazon has a strict set of rules and regulations that must be met in order to participate with FBA. Working alone, you would need to set up everything initially which may be costly and then wait for Amazon approval. Our facility is already approved as an Amazon FBA order fulfillment center so that alone saves you time not to mention money for getting into compliance with Amazon.

Yes, Amazon does have all this in place as well but with solely using their facilities, you must worry about remaining in compliance and staying within the boundaries they have set. If you break the rules, you run the risk of having your account penalized or outright cancelled. However, by having Parcerly act as your middle man you won’t need to worry about that because it is our company that would need to maintain compliance.

We have been working with FBA for quite some time and we know exactly how Amazon prefers things done so there are no concerns in that area.

Parcerly has been involved with order fulfillment processes for years. While we may not be Amazon, we are like them in many ways. We have numerous resources, staff, and equipment at our disposal and years of customer service under our belt. By electing to have Parcerly as your partner, your business gets all the perks of Amazon and we deal with all the regulatory issues like completing product lists and sourcing issues.


We have the most sophisticated inventory management system out there. All processes are automated and we have a custom barcode interface that allows moving and locating product in a breeze. We double check all electronic data with visual and physical checks.

Our TMS system allows us to track shipments prior to their arrival at our facility. We create coded labels to be attached to products when they arrive. Product is visually inspected upon receipt and any negative findings are immediately reported back to supervisors and clients. Stock is closely monitored while in storage and physical inventory counts are conducted as well. Our system alerts us to low stock and upcoming expiration dates. All products have assigned storage zones within the facility and those locations can be viewed in the system readily.

Amazon does conduct inspections but they are nowhere near the scope of ours. They are quick visual checks and not routine. Inspections are not done as frequently as in our facilities.

Our verification of outgoing orders limits the number of returns from your customers which saves you money and increases your profit margin. Your customer will have an overall better experience and better service that if you went with Amazon alone. Just by the nature of their size, they cannot promise you or your customers the same level of personalized attention that we offer.

Our order fulfillment accuracy is one of the highest in the industry. Getting it right the first time is the only option.


Registering each item you intend to see via FBA is another requirement of participation. Each item must be submitted to FBA and must include serial numbers, ASIN, ISBN, and UPC numbers as applicable. The listing must also include manufacturer info, product and model numbers, dimensions, and weight. You must choose a category and subcategory for each item as well. If you have a laundry list of items to offer for sale, this task quickly becomes overwhelming and you feel like giving up before you even get started. And just one more thing – 100% accuracy is required. Amazon doesn’t handle mistakes well.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet! As your partner, Parcerly, is very experienced with this requirement and we have staff who do nothing but create these submissions for Amazon.


A question we often get is about breaking down bulk items. If your product comes to us in bulk form, we will happily break it down per your preferences and repackage according to your instructions for resale. This repacking can present an issue if you select Amazon without our assistance. They have certain packing requirements which we are well aware of and which we comply with everyday for our other customers.


In addition to our regular discounts on shipping rates, we offer special rates for freight customers and will even assist with carrier negotiations on your behalf.


When you opt to work with FBA, you will find that there are products that are not eligible with the program. We have no such restrictions and can easily fill orders for those items for you. We will gladly put our staff and service against Amazon’s any day of the week. They may be bigger but they do not offer the same personal attention and flexibility that we do.

In our opinion working with Amazon is a no-brainer, but we recommend doing it with Parcerly by your side. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the exposure of Amazon and the small business attention of Parcerly.

Customer support

You may have heard us mention our awesome customer service representatives. These individuals are highly trained and we select them for their inherent desire to please and make customers happy. They are there to support you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is their top priority. We practice customer service at every level and in every department in our company. It’s a serious business. We treat every customer with the same degree of attention regardless of whether they spend a dollar or tens of thousands of dollars. Each customer is important and respected within our company. You will find our customer service reps easy to deal with and attentive to your needs.
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