Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consultation Services

Parcerly always looks for more ways that they can better serve their customers. One thing that we provide that our competitors do not is Consultation Services. We employ a staff of experts that can help you make some important decisions for your business.

Our real estate consultants can scout for new properties or space when you are looking to expand or relocate. Once we find you the perfect location, we can help you negotiate the best lease or purchase agreement to ensure you are paying a fair price.

If you have a new space you are moving into or are looking to maximize your current space, we have consultants who can help you design a floor plan and workflows so you get the most out of your space.

Since our customers sometimes deal with hazardous material type products, we offer consultants who will work with you and the manufacturer to ensure everything is being handled and stored properly. Safety is a top concern in our facilities so we want to not only protect customer assets but our employees as well.

Freight Brokerage Services

Many of our customers deal with very large shipments of products and often can qualify for freight rates with carriers. Our consultants can negotiate those rates on your behalf with the carriers to get the very best pricing available.

Because our client base is located all over the world and in different time zones, we offer several ways for them to communicate with us. Of course, there are the standards: phone, email, and fax. We also offer online chats and our EDI interface which is a preferred method of communication for us and we recommend all of our businesses customers get set up with the EDI when they purchase services from us.

Customer support

You may have heard us mention our awesome customer service representatives. These individuals are highly trained and we select them for their inherent desire to please and make customers happy. They are there to support you whenever you require assistance. Your satisfaction is their top priority. We practice customer service at every level and in every department in our company. It’s a serious business. We treat every customer with the same degree of attention regardless of whether they spend a dollar or tens of thousands of dollars. Each customer is important and respected within our company. You will find our customer service reps easy to deal with and attentive to your needs.
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